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Restauranteur Sachin Jawale – The Government should take an empathic approach to the restaurant business.


More than 100 days gone by, and the pandemic has impacted most businesses within Mumbai (besides other parts of India). Mumbai, which has been known for its glorious hospitality industry seems to be impacted the most. Exorbitant rents, high electricity bills and not to mention staff the salaries during the pandemic were some of the problems faced by most.

We spoke to restauranteur Sachin Jawale who has almost 27 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Besides this, he’s a much sought after consultant for new restaurant projects.

We know the bad times have hit the restaurant business. Do share some feedback about the gravity of the situation pertaining to the hospitality industry.

The restaurant industry in Mumbai has had a major downfall with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Although the Unlock mode has been opened partially, restaurants still face tremendous restrictions which don’t make it feasible for us restaurateurs to restart our business in the hope of making some profits.

We understand the situation of the Government since we are still fighting the pandemic. But restaurants have high bills to pay – exorbitant rents, staff and customer safety and not to mention lack of business for so many months.

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With the new set of rules being implemented once restaurants are ready to take diners, do you think business would boom?

To take our problems further, there are also limitations on the maximum guests we can have during that limited time. In case of pubs and restro-bars, most of the income is from drinks. The timings being allocated need to be relooked at in an amicable manner. Besides this, we as business owners have got no subsidies on the electricity bills which keep cropping up.

Even if business opens, our vendors will think twice before offering us credit facilities. Also getting the diners back will be a herculean task. It will take some time for the restaurant business to withstand the problems we would face. Even diners would play safe and the footfalls would take time to build-up. Unfortunately, there could be quite a few outlets which would shut shop since they won’t be able to survive the overheads.

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What expectations do most restaurant owners have from the Government?
We understand the Covid-19 numbers are still on the rise. But the Government should take an empathic approach to the restaurant business so that we can start operations smoothly. We need the Government to support us.