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Mumbai restaurants to see a change in service post lockdown unlocked.


Mumbaikars  are eagerly awaiting the opening of hotels and restaurants resuming operations from June 30th.

Viraf Patel, Les Roches Crans Montana Alumnus and now Executive Chef at “Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mumbai” in Mumbai and Business Head at “Olive Bistro & Bar in Mumbai & Hyderabad & The Hoppery in Hyderabad” in Hyderabad is known for his culinary adventures laced with much eccentricity, conviction and belief in truly honest cooking. One of India’s most celebrated young chefs is sharing how Olive brand is planning on stepping outside the box to provide a personalised and safe experience to their clients once finally opened.

The Olive group of restaurants with brands like Olive Bar & Kitchen, Guppy, Olly, Toast n Tonic, SodaBottleOpenerWala etc. is working hard to implement all necessary steps required for contactless dining. 

While the restaurant group applies strict sanitary protocols imposed by the public authorities, it goes a step further to make sure the experience remains pleasant and special: “Along-side we are also striving to enhance the rest of the experience for the diner, from flowers to playlists, to mood lighting, to usage of candles, to greetings, thus focusing more on personalizing the experience.  We would like to give as much human value as possible to the guest.”

 “Additionally, we will launch innovative social media campaigns to give confidence to the customers. These will include kitchen tours and going live with the cooking and service process, to reassure the guests that we are doing everything to provide a safe dining experience. For delivery these will be virtual tours, but when we open these could be on ground tours. We will essentially go live in the kitchen so people can tune in. We will also make videos showing all the processes – from guests entering and temperature checks been done on the guests to the staff getting to work, taking temperature checks, washing hands, wearing their safety gear, talking from a distance, cleaning surfaces regularly, and using digital menus and digital forms.”