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Aanushka Ramesh - I am a healthy and holistic foodie.


Aanushka Ramesh (Actor, model, anchor)

Instagram: @aanushkaramesh 

Favourite Childhood food memory: 
I remember our weekly family dinners where I loved to have butter chicken, naan and chicken fried rice. I was almost addicted to this menu and rarely changed my choice.  

Favourite Comfort Food:
KFC chicken, burger and fries with Coke. Being a fitness freak too, it’s a rare indulgence on my menu.

3 reasons why I consider myself a foodie:
Actually I’m not a foodie at all, I can eat even very simple food. But I love good quality food and exotic foods. I believe that you are what you eat. One should put the best fuel into one’s bodies because it affects our thinking, efficiency, moods, productivity and everything else. So from that point, I would say I am a healthy and holistic foodie.

Strangest Dish:
I would definitely rate the octopus soup in Thailand as the strangest one I have had. It was rubbery and tasteless. I surely wouldn’t try it ever again.  

One meal for the rest of my life: 
Quite strange but it would be croissants with butter and marmalade. I also love scrambled eggs and black coffee.

Oil Used: 
Mostly Olive oil, and occasionally Canola oil. 

Most Over-Rated Cuisine:
Maybe Indonesian, the flavours are too subtle.

Quirky Dishes which I have made or tried:
I love having bread toast slightly fried in ghee. I sprinkle it with pink salt and then orange marmalade on top Try it, it’s heavenly! 
As a child I had a strange habit of adding milk in my daal chawal (only black dal though) Even the thought of it now is gross.

My take on- 
Keto Diets: Haven’t tried it so not sure, I think diets should be balanced and long lasting.
Intermittent Fasting: I find it interesting, the concept makes sense. Maybe, I may try this one in the near future/ 
Fusion Food: Love it 

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Superfoods I love:
Quinoa, Kale, Wheatgrass, also exotic green teas like Matcha, Silver Needle and the new exotic range.

Favourite Indian Street Food: Pani Puri
Indian Dessert: Gulab Jamun, also the one and only Indian dessert I like 

Hidden Gem Restaurant:
A delectable Thai restaurant in Khar called Blue’s Kitchen 

Overrated Indian Restaurant:
Tbh for sure. I don’t really eat Indian food when out, I find it too rich and laden with additives. I only eat Indian food at home 

Restaurant I keep going back to:
Yauatcha’s in BKC

How do I detox after an overdose:
Actually I detox on a regular basis. Detoxification should be a regular part of ones lifestyle because we ingest too many toxins. So if I do overdose, I have this detox green tea from Tea Culture of the World. Also I intake isabgol, but only once a week as it cleans the intestines. For me, Kokam sherbet is a great detox as it alkalises and really cools the body, especially in the summer. 

Health foods I swear by:
Quinoa, Kale, Flaxseeds, Chavanprash and Wheatgrass