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MilkLane Begins Doorstep Delivery of Safe Milk in Bengaluru


Bengaluru-based MilkLane has added the new delivery channel to ease the availability of dairy products, as the disruption in the industry supply chain has led to a gap in the supply of essential goods in the past few days. The startup, aimed at providing antibiotic-free, safe and standardized high-quality milk to consumers, has already made its products available through a strong distribution network of retail outlets and online delivery aggregators, who are facing challenges in providing essentials during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Gaurav Haran, CEO of MilkLane, said, "It’s the right time to reach out directly when consumers are not able to buy dairy products due to the lockdown. We have started this service to help people avoid the risk of stepping out while still availing themselves of best quality products that maintain the  highest hygiene regulations."

UHT - Healthy milk with long shelf-life
Supply constraints in the milk industry have known to lead to a sharp rise in milk adulteration. The UHT packaging, along with adequate food safety measures at every level of the supply chain - collection, processing, and distribution - helps MilkLane deliver high-quality milk to the families in Bengaluru.