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Healthy meal options for #CoronaVirus Outbreak and Lockdown.


With the current state of affairs of the #CoronaVirus lockdown, most of us are in a quandary of how to optimize our meals for the family.

Here are some quick and cost-effective options which you could try:

Poha, upma, Sevaiyan upma, moongdal chilla, Thalipith, ghavan (rice dosa), idli/dosa with red chutney (coconut and red chilli powder).

 Besides this also you could make:

Egg with chapati, paneer with chapati, bhakri with pithala, bhakri with garlic red chutney, rajma chawal, rajma with phulka, masoor rice, usal / sprouts curry with phulka or rice, potato  veg with phulka, dal rice ghee, dal khichadi with papad pickle, chana chat (boiled chana with chat masala) Maggie (occasionally). 

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Some added tips and advice which you can share with your friends also:

 ·       Don't panic and crowd to get grocery. Plan out well. 
·       Plan quantity correctly, do not waste. 
·       Life if important, Eat to live not live to eat. 
·       Keep perishable foods like fruits, veggies, meat, dairy products aside from your everyday meal during these lock down days as for that we need to step out of our home every day.