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Pooja Desai - Food gives me company in all my moods.


Name – Pooja Desai 
Instagram handle - @drpoojakdesai

What is your favourite food memory from childhood?
I still remember hogging on some of paneer butter masala with two butter roti. This was followed by jeera rice, dal fry and of course the final ending with a yummy Sundae Ice cream. This was at Hotel Ravindra (an Udupi restaurant) hotel near my house.

What’s your favourite comfort food?
A warm, gooey chocolate ganache cake surely comforts me.

3 reasons why you consider yourself a Foodie!
Food makes me happy. It gives me company in all my moods and I have a dish for every mood. 

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Grilled chicken dishes (salad, appetisers or soup)

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What kind of oil do you use?
Mostly it’s olive oil.

Which is the most over-rated food cuisine?
Gluten free food.

Any quirky food dishes combinations you have invented?
I love feasting on Pumpkin Quinoa deconstruct at Pali Village café.

Your take on:
Keto diets – Make sure you consult a hard-core nutritionist and gym trainer to attain success in weight loss.  
Intermittent fasting – It works if done with proper diet along with it.
Fusion food cuisine – A thin line between being delicious and inedible.

Which superfoods have impressed you the most?
Manipuri black rice.

What are your favourites?
Indian street food – Pani Puri.
Indian dessert – Gulab jamun.
Hidden gem restaurant of your city (and why)–Crystal at Chowpatty. 
Over-rated Indian restaurant in your city (and why) – Made in Punjab because they have better Indian cuisine serving restaurants under their common brand.
The restaurant you keep going back to - Grandmamas cafe / Chillis.

How do you detox your body after an overdose of eating out?
I fast intermittently and also go on raw diet (natural uncooked food like fruits and veggies)

Any health foods you swear by?
Grilled chicken and Eden bowls at Eden Goodness café.