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10 super easy tasty Makhana recipes to make during #Lockdown phase.


The West loves to ape India. Be it our Yoga form or the foods that we have been eating since time immemorial. One such food of ours which was regularly promoted by our grand-mothers has been propagated as a ‘super health food’. Now even our nutritionists and dieticians are going gaga over its nutritional benefits.

MAKHANA aka lotus seeds, also known as fox nuts or POPMAK makhana seem to be a regular munching meal for most Bollywood celebrities.

While most of us use makhanas in the roasted form, this superfood is much cheaper compared to our exorbitantly priced dry fruits. #FOODBUZZZ is listing down some food recipe ideas for conjuring up some different ways to use it in your regular meals.

1.    Palak Paneer makhana – You can roast the makhanas for the crunchy effect and use it in your palak paneer dish. We even tried just popping them over the dish so that they don’t become soggy.

2.    Raita Makhane wala – Just make a raita out of this and add some boiled aloo. Reduce the salt intake in the raita.

3.    Makhane wali aloo tikka – Use it with lotus stem tikki mixture. Slice the makhana into pieces so you get the crunchy effect.

4.    Pineapple makhane wala raita – This is wholesome and flavourful, no need to add sugar to the raita. Serve it chilled. Try making a good quantity so you can keep having a small bowl of it whenever you are hungry.

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5.    Roasted makhana – This is quite popularly used as a diet snack. Sprinkle a tinge of chaat masala, reduce the salt content on it. Roasted makhanas are a never-stop-eating snack.

6.    Moongphali makhane ki kadhi – Be it a Sindhi or Gujurati curry, makhanas add a zing to the dish.

7.    Kachaloo makhane ki chaat – Tapioca is widely used in the Indian cuisine. You can make a slurpy and tangy chat with boiled Kachaloo and roasted makhana. The combination is crazy when blended with some nice chatni, lots of sev and chivda in it.

8.    Lababdaar makhane pista wali kheer – You may have made kheer with leftover rice. Next time you want to give it a healthy twist, add some makhana and some vermicelli to it. Go easy on the sugar content and use Jaggery in it.

9.    Makhana beetroot tikki – Made just like any other tikki but this one has grated beetroot interspersed with full pieces of roasted makhanas for the crunch effect you get post frying it. You can also cover it with some sev before you fry it.

10.                       Makhane wala Vegetable tawa pulao – Leftover rice is a good option for a tawa pulao. Add loads of makhana to this along with vegetables. You will love it.