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Hello Foodies,

We are  starting a new series for all Foodies (Pan India) to  share their food thoughts through us. If you would be interested in being featured, do email us your answers (in the same format) along with your best pictures. Do email  us at

Please do respond to the questions listed below. Also do feel free to elaborate on all of them (two sentences each) to share your insights. We would also require 5 of your best pics (some of them with a food dish or in a restaurant).
Do email the answers back to us. We will keep you posted once it is published.


Name –
Instagram handle - @

What is your favourite food memory from childhood?

What’s your favourite comfort food?

3 reasons why you consider yourself a Foodie?

Which are your three favourite cuisine? Why

Do you have a favourite food ingredient?

Which food ingredient do you loathe/think is overrated?

What’s the strangest dish you’ve ever tried?

What is your favourite fruit and vegetable? And your favourite herb/spice?

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Have you ever travelled anywhere just/mainly for the food?

What’s been your biggest kitchen splurge so far?

Do you indulge in food porn? Actively or passively? What impresses you with food porn?

What kind of oil do you use most of all?

Which is the most over-rated food cuisine?

Any quirky food dishes combinations you have invented or love feasting on?

Your take on:
Keto diets –
Intermittent fasting –
Fusion food cuisine –
Which superfoods have impressed you the most?

What are your favourites?

Indian street food –
Indian dessert –
Hidden gem restaurant of your city (and why)–
Over-rated Indian restaurant in your city (and why) –
The restaurant you keep going back to -

How do you detox your body after an overdose of eating out?

Any health foods you swear by?

Who’s your favourite celebrity chef?

What’s your favourite food-related TV programme?

What’s your favourite food magazine?

What’s your favourite food destination?

What’s your favourite kitchen gadget?