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Foodie Talk with Rachna Bhandarkar


Name – Rachana Bhandarkar 
Instagram handle - @unicornsandfriez 

What is your favourite food memory from childhood?
The delicacies prepared at our house during Diwali are worth a mention. As a kid, it was such a tough task not tasting them before offering to the God. And then on the Diwali day, when our family gathered and relished them together as a family was another penultimate moment.  

What’s your favourite comfort food?
I would opt for Pani puri any day. It’s my tried-and-tested cure for a bad mood. 

3 reasons why you consider yourself a Foodie?
1. Food always makes me happy.
2. Being a cook, it gives me a thrill to make some delicious dishes for my loved ones.
3. Being a foodie, I love exploring various cuisines.

What’s the strangest dish you’ve ever tried?
It surely was Mushroom Cappuccino. I haven’t been much of a mushroom fan but this concoction was surely slurpy and drool-worthy. 

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The meal prepared by my MOM. I am sure most would agree, maa ka khana is miles ahead of any fine dining restaurant. She’s an awesome cook. 

What kind of oil do you use most of all?
It all depends upon the cuisine am cooking. For Chinese, it’s Sesame seed oil, for Italian food its obviously olive oil. I prefer rice bran oil and at times pure ghee for Indian food.  

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Which is the most over-rated food cuisine?
Japanese food for sure. 

Any quirky food dishes combinations you have invented or love feasting on?
I have experimented many dishes with chocolate in it.... some were hits and some surely a miss.

Your take on:
Keto diets – Not for me.
Intermittent fasting – Something I must try soon.
Fusion food cuisine – I love exploring it.

Which superfoods have impressed you the most?

What are your favourites?
Indian street food – Chaat , Momos
Indian dessert – Gulab jamun
Hidden gem restaurant of your city (and why)–
Thane offers various good eating out places but worth the mention is one Big Giant of Sweets chain shops which serves some lip-smacking chaat items, sweets and seasonal delicacies. 

Over-rated Indian restaurant in your city (and why) –
Mamledar Misal... It has lost its authenticity and taste. 

How do you detox your body after an overdose of eating out?
I make sure to have only one meal the day I’m planning to eat out. Or else it is Fruits and Green tea. 

Any health foods you swear by?