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New Food Show - Khane Ke Deewane


They say that we are what we eat but isn't it true for what we see as well. What if we combine to see what we eat and in the hottest food destination in india, Aamchi Mumbai. The newest food series brings us exactly that. It is a series called Khane Ke Deewane and it is available right now on a very exciting platform which is extremely competitive as well. You guessed it right. We are referring to Gemplex. 

Khane ke Deewane is anchored by chef Rohit Gujral and actress Swatti Bakshi. In this series we get to see 12 professional chefs talking about their unique journey and taking us on a memorable food tour across destinations in Mumbai such as Bademiyaan in Colaba, Cafe Madras in Matunga, Cafe Iranii Chai in Mahim, Lucky Restaurant in Bandra and many others. This will be food and chat series like no other.