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Ayesha Ladha - I have never tried to compete with the Millennials of today.

A smile is an ornament that brightens the environment all around. An immaculately, well-chosen attire helps to add to the allure. But more than all this what appeals about her is the way she has gracefully manages herself in public.

Introducing Ayesha Ladha, a Mom blogger you cannot miss once you enter a crowded brand event. Her regal, pristine aura and the way she conducts herself in public (with grace and elegance) makes her stand apart from the crowd. And that’s exactly what Ayesha has done – carved a niche for herself as a Mom blogger and a brand collaborator. The brands love her meticulous approach and perfect pitch with her stories. Read on to know about what makes Ayesha Ladha tick in this world of Millennials.

From the corporate world to being a committed mom blogger, what prompted you to make the move?

Gaining a Master’s degree and acquiring a prominent position in one of the renowned corporate firms in Mumbai was a dream come true. But life had some other plans set for me. Fortunately, I imbibed the millennium transformation of social media with an open mind-set.  Like everyone else, technology invaded my life too.
A decade back when I first activated my Facebook account, little did I realise the impact it would have on my life. My innate skills for clicking and uploading stylish, elegant pictures got me appreciation. The gift of being a decent writer made my reviews and thoughts an interesting read. Finally with parenthood seeping into my married life, new horizons evolved and I found myself with a brand new identity on the social media circuit too.

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Did becoming a Mom motivate you to pursue blogging actively?

Surely yes, motherhood is a priceless achievement which makes every mother proud. I wanted to flaunt my son’s amazing looks and talent to the world. I suppose every mother takes great pride in that. Besides this, I wanted to share my experience and tips to new mothers and that’s why I took the plunge into blogging. My blogspot gave me satisfaction since I was inspiring and helping other moms to make their life easier.

How do you handle the competition from other mom bloggers and the young Millennials of today for brand collaborations?

Technology has zoomed to unconquerable limits and so has the competition. Amongst mom bloggers, it’s a healthy game. There have been a plethora of millennials ready to conquer the world with their ideas and skills. But frankly I have never tried to compete them. What I strived on was to hone my own skills beyond my existing knowledge and experience. Coming from a corporate background, fortunately I have the talent understanding to scale the brand I am collaborating with to reach the numbers they expect. For me, the brand satisfaction which matters most.

Any unfulfilled dreams?

Today, Life is not the dream I once dreamt of. It’s way beyond that. The sky is the limit. At times, I am zapped by the miraculous transition. The going has been smooth but I have always believed that nothing is permanent. You need to remain sane, sorted, cool and contented with what life has to offer. And yes, do full justice to your brand collaborations.