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Quote-Unquote with Chef Ranveer Brar

His innate charismatic charm has won his zillions of fans who love not just the way he cooks but makes cooking look like kids-play. Chef Ranveer Brar keeps zooming in and out of cookery shows and also endorses brands. In a brief chat, we target him on some foodie-talk.
On the Indian city which has fascinated him the most.
In the west, Kolkata is one of the most amazing cities I’ve been to. There is China Town where ‘Indian-Chinese’ food originated. Pujo food is a must in Kolkata if you go there during the Durga Puja festivities.
On food which has been underplayed.
Overall, I think temple food in India by itself is a whole space that has not really been spoken about. In the 1150-year-old Jagganath Puri temple in Odisha, the recipes for prasad (sanctified food) date back 1000+ years.
On the broadening spectrum of existing food cuisines.
We have realised political boundaries cannot define eating. So instead of ‘Gujurati food’, we have Kathiawadi food and Surati cuisine. Hence, food is automatically becoming more detail-oriented. Across the world as well, responsibility and detail are becoming core drivers of cuisine.
On using gadgets to speed up the cooking process.
Gadgets, now I actually endorse a lot of them. They are basically a means of convenience. For example the mixer: if I had my way I would grind my own spices by hand. Who has the time? Think of your gadgets as time-saving devices.

On the most required gadgets in a kitchen.
What are the essential gadgets that an average family kitchen should have? You’d need a mixer of sorts, stick blender or bullet blender, and if you’re health conscious, then an air fryer… not because I endorse them!