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How to Sizzle like Kareena Kapoor?

Known for her sizzling beauty and marvellous acting, Kareena Kapoor Khan has won hearts of people all over the nation with her hot sensational body. She surprised her million fans, giving them major body goals along with its own beauty. Right from her size zero figure to marrying the Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan, she has greatly inspired and has been a constant limelight in Bollywood.

Here’s what her diet plan consists of:


Muesli, 2-3 slices of bread with milk, soya milk. Muesli, when consumed during breakfast, helps in packing a huge amount of calories, because of which it balances the overall intake of other foods and keeps you away from feeling hungry again and again. She prefers soya milk over plain milk since it is loaded with all the nine essential amino acids, necessary for your body.


Chapattis, dal and a large bowl of green vegetables, salad.
Keeping your lunch simple, without any fat producing foods helps you to maintain a healthy, long life. Dal is the highest source of proteins, keeping you active throughout the day. The vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in green vegetables boost immunity, keeping you away from any health disorder.

Evening Snacks

Protein shake and raw fruits.
It is necessary for the human body to keep a count of the number of proteins consumed in a day to lead a long life. Therefore, protein shakes are the best rescue for your evening hunger. Raw fruits are known to be the healthiest amongst all other foods. Since they are not cooked and consumed, there is no loss of enzymes, and hence is beneficial for the human body it’s functioning.


Chapattis, dal, vegetable soup
No matter how much amount of veggies you consume all through the day, it has never endangered your life, unlike oily foods and cheesy delicacies. Keep your dinner light and simple, in order to get you a sound sleep.
Apart from all these, Kareena Kapoor Khan drinks 7-8 glasses of boiled water in a day. She firmly believes in drinking as much water as possible, since it boosts your metabolism and keeps hydrated for a longer duration.
She believes in the logic, “Eat less at a time, but eat every two hours, to keep you going.” She stated, "Most Indians have a big eye for the food laid on the table, I too at times care for having everything laid down. But eating the right amount of food at the right time is the need of the hour. I keep eating every two hours."