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Chef Vineet Bhatia on his early work memories in the UK

(An excerpt from Chef Vineet Bhatia's earlier interview)
Apparently when you first moved to the UK and started working at the restaurant Star of India, you were very disappointed with the Indian cuisine you experienced.
I came from a very classically trained background, from luxury hotels and through hotel schools so I had learned the basics quite well and knew and understood classic Indian cuisine quite well. When I moved to London in ’93, it came as a shock to see this food being done very differently. Even though these days I no longer expect the exact style of classic cooking which I learned at home, these menus had dishes which are not Indian by any understanding.
Like what?
Well they were serving biryani, for example, that was just spices tossed with meat. They’d buy the cheapest cuts, often frozen. It was basically a stir fry. That’s not what biryani is, biryani takes you 78 hours to cook! I was the only Indian in the entire restaurant working there, the rest were all from Bangladesh. I realized that’s why things were different back in the UK then.