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Shocking - Ben Ungermann discloses harsh facts about not winning MasterChef Australia 2017

MasterChef Australia 2017 runner-up Ben Ungermann took his seat on a three-chef panel at last month's Ubud Food Festival in Bali and proceeded to dissect his experience on the Channel 10 reality cooking show.
"I'm glad I didn't win," he admitted.
Ungermann clarified myriad myths and queries posed by Ubud Food Festival attendees. He confirmed the food is served to the judges cold (from the fridge) and that only the sauces are warmed (since they congeal and can't  be poured otherwise); the drama is 100 per cent "legit"; cookbooks "went missing"; not every contestant got along but the televised hugs are real.

He described producers' reactions if something went wrong, such as when a contestant burnt an ingredient. "You're panicking because you've burnt an onion. Then 10 cameras turn up at your bench." He doesn't want to scare future contestants, but warned mental preparation is a necessity.

Ungermann pointedly reminded the gathering that he lost season nine by one point. And since he hadn't been able to work for months, his $40,000 prize money disappeared on bills.  MasterChef Australia 2017 winner, Diana Chan, received $250,000.

Ungermann says coming second was the "biggest blessing he ever received", forcing him to act quickly  in opening an Queensland ice-cream parlour, Ungermann Brothers Ice-Cream Parlour.