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15 diet tips from Katrina Kaif.

15 diet tips from Katrina Kaif.

Besides of cardio, swimming, cycling, gym, jogging and yoga exercises, the Bollywood diva got a slim and zero size figure because of her diet plan and diet secrets. Diet plays a significant role in giving the slim and curvaceous look to the Bollywood queen. Katrina Kaif’s funda for weight loss include a nutritious dietary regime.

Here are some top diet tips by Katrina Kaif

1.    Her diet tip is to eat right food at the right time and in right quantity.
2.    Start your day by taking more and more of water.
3.    Don’t start your day with tea or coffee.
4.    Don’t take fried food.
5.    She prefers boil foods.
6.    She tries to take less carbohydrate.
7.    She likes to finish her dinner before two hours of her bed time.

8.    She believes that one should to take simple yet healthy diet.
9.    She loves foods but eats in moderation and eating in balance is the real mantra of fitness.
10.                       She prefers to take seasonal fruits throughout the day.
11.                       She advises her fans to eat healthy and do exercises.
12.                       She has been following a very nutrition-rich diet; her breakfast consists of oats and nuts, lunch is fish and veggies, and dinner is eggs and soup.
13.                       To beat hunger pangs through the day Katrina snacks on fruits, nuts, and some healthy vegan protein snacks between meals.
14.                        Sugar, wheat, milk, fried food and alcohol are avoided in her food plan. She eats whole foods that are nutritious; they keep her lean and her skin glowing.
15.                        Preserved packaged food is also something that she keeps away from.