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Ranveer Singh reveals his diet and fitness secrets.

According to Ranveer Singh, the secret to a successful diet is to eat every three hours and to never miss a single meal. His meal is balanced with good amount of protein like lamb, some carbs and healthy fats like salmon. However, salt and oil in food are kept to the minimum. To get a muscular body he says it is also essential to supplement the diet with protein shakes, to help repair muscles faster.
Breakfast: The day starts with a high carb intake to fuel his system and decreases as the day progresses. It consists of mostly Egg whites, some chicken, and fresh fruits (preferably with low GI) and vegetables
Snacks: He usually has light snacks like almonds and walnuts before each main meal for nutrition.
Lunch & Dinner: These mainly include protein-rich foods such as thyme roasted chicken, stir-fried lamb, honey dressed Salmon with a bowl of stir-fried vegetables.
“Diet has to be super strict and is 80% of the programme, balance 20% being training”

Ranveer Singh fitness tips

1.    His diet includes good amount of protein with least salt and oil.
2.    Breakfast is utmost important.
3.    Cardio training
4.    To be fit, stamina is utmost important. Initially start slowly and then keep pushing the limits.
5.    The maintaining of six-pack abs is very tough. It can be controlled through limiting the intake of food and water and following regular abs workout as suggested by the trainer.
6.    The actor prefers to take natural source of protein at dinner.
7.    Besides gym, he also likes to do swimming, cycling and playing outdoor sports.
8.    A happy state of mind is the key to develop overall health.
9.    No drinking as it makes your muscles weak.
10.                       His golden rule is cut off sugar from diet, However, the actor has a cheat day where he indulges in sweet and junk food followed by rigorous workout to burn it.