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China's Lolly-Laputan cafe - an educational "fairyland" for kids.

A drawing of an imaginary fairyland was Wutopia Lab's starting point for the design of this cafe for children in Dalian, China.

Featuring a host of learn-play areas and whimsical decor details, the 580-square-metre Lolly-Laputan cafe is described by Wutopia Lab as "the first educational family restaurant in China".

On the outside, the cafe's facade is covered with round, aluminium panels perforated with holes. Some overlap to form "ripples" or frame the building's various entrance points.
The front lobby is a circular room, where seating is surrounded by what the designers describe as a "forest of lights". Made up of 1,000 acrylic tubes hung in a ring-shaped formation, the lights are meant to simulate the effect of sunlight shining through dense layers of leaves in a forest.